Know 5 Car Care Tips you need to Do Daily


Know 5 Car Care Tips you need to Do Daily

Have you heard of preventive maintenance? Many people think car care begins when there are problems, but actually, prevention is better than a cure. Do not believe that this type of maintenance should be done only in the machine shop. To keep your vehicle brand new, you can start caring for it in the garage at home. Preventive maintenance involves many things that you can and should adopt on a day to day basis, even before you start. Today, let’s show you what the top daily care you need to do for your car. Ready?

1. Calibrate the tires

Using the correct tire calibration of your car is very important for some factors. One of them is your pocketbook. Too empty or too full tires wear out irregularly, shortening the life of the tire and, if not enough air, pushing the suspension and the shock absorbers.  Take note of the manufacturer’s recommendation for your car. This information can be found in the owner’s manual or stickers affixed to the door stops and the opening of the gas tank.  It is not necessary to calibrate every day (usually once a week is a good time), but it is advisable to check all four wheels before leaving so that you see if there is any hole or other sign of trouble, such as blisters or if the tires are too low.

2.Check the water level and lubricants 

In general, the oil and cooling systems should maintain the liquid level until the time of the change. However, periodic checking is necessary as there may be leaks. In the case of lubrication, high fuel consumption may indicate more severe problems in the engine, which can become even worse if you are slow to start the engine.  As for the cooling system, if it is necessary to fill it, use the same type of fluid that is already in the reservoir.

3) Watch out for noises

Listening to music in the car is a delight, but when you go out for the first time in the day, try to drive a few miles with the sound off. This is the time to look for signs that something may not be in order. Grinding on the brake, knocking on the suspension, or noises in the engine is a good indication that the mechanic needs to be contacted. If the situation continues, the defect can become even more severe, and the repair will be more expensive.

4) Keep the car clean

Apart from the aesthetic issue, car cleaning is essential to keep it always maintained. Each day the paint can receive debris capable of irreversibly staining it, which will make you need to invest good money in the future. It is also essential to pay attention to the cleaning of the air conditioning, which must be done by professionals at least once a year.

5) Observe the consumption

If the fuel consumption is too high, it is a sign that something is not going well in the engine. The car may be making more effort than usual to gain speed, and as a result, wear of necessary components can cause severe problems in the future. Make a chart and monitor daily the amount of fuel spent.
So, how about starting car care today?

Warranties and Service Contracts

Warranties and Service Contracts

Make sure you understand the warranty on your vehicle

You should know what the warranty covers, and you should get it all in writing. However, all warranties may have some kind of limitations, such as deductibles, mileage, time, special procedures that may require the cost of a repair up front. M&J Truck will take the hassle out of understanding all your warranties and deductibles so we can help you with the repairs on your vehicle.

You do have rights, you can find out information on your warranty rights with the consumer protection agency, or you can get information from your state Attorney General.

Service Contracts

Most all dealerships sell additional warranties that come from the manufacturers.  Service contracts issued by independent companies are not all the same, prices may differ and may be negotiable.

To help decide whether to purchase a service contract, consider:

Is there a deductible.

The cost of repairs.

If the coverage overlaps any other warranty.

Any prior authorization needed for a specific repair.

If any repair costs are to be paid by the company directly to the repair shop.


Resolving any disputes regarding billing, repairs, or warranties.

Document everything, all transactions, expenses, dates and anyone you’ve dealt with.

Talk with the owner or shop manager first. Our most important goal at M&J Truck is to achieve total satisfaction for our customers in Madison, Wisconsin, and surrounding areas. Call us at  608-221-0526

What To Know When Dealing With An Auto Technician

What To Know When Dealing With An Auto Technician

The average age of vehicles on the road today are about 10 years old.

Consumers are choosing to keep their existing cars and trucks longer rather than buying a new model. Consumer Reports also revealed a survey that many drivers are postponing needed maintenance or repairs as a cost-saving measure.

Delaying maintenance or needed repairs can compromise your car’s integrity and ultimately your safety. The car-care experts at M&J Truck & Auto in Madison, Wi, and the surrounding areas believe the best way for consumers to save money and keep their vehicles longer is choosing a full-service, high-quality and well-respected repair shop, schedule regular check-ups, and trusting them to do the necessary maintenance and repair work. This will prevent your vehicle from breaking down unexpectedly, and in the long run, saves the consumer money having  small repairs done when needed rather than waiting and having a big repair later.

How to deal with your technician is important.

  1.  It’s just the beginning when you finally make the decision to bring your vehicle in for service. You will also need to know how to get the best service for your maintenance and repair dollar. And you’ll need to know how to deal with your technician so that your experience there will be a good one. 
  2. Set realistic expectations. When it comes time to repair your auto, price, quick, and good are terms that are usually thought of together when you talk with your technician at M&J Truck and Auto, he will give you a quote on the cost which should include the cost for parts and labor. Plan on leaving your vehicle at the repair shop for a good part of a day, maybe longer, to get the necessary service done. Even if it is a quick repair, you should realize there may be other vehicles ahead of yours, the technician should let you know that ahead of time so you can arrange for transportation if needed.
  3. Clean up your car before taking it in for service, be sure to clear the back seat and the trunk of things like golf clubs, strollers, and equipment. Not only is it common courtesy, it could affect the quality of your auto repair. The technician may need to remove the items to gain access or perform a repair in that area, or the items could weigh down the vehicle to the point that it may affect the performance.
  4. Make sure to be available. Always leave your phone number with the technician in case he needs to reach you. If your technician is unable to reach you for your approval on a repair, your car will sit until you can be reached. You will also want to know when your vehicle is ready and how much the cost will be before heading back to the repair shop
  5.  Leave your technician alone. Just about every survey conducted on auto technicians disliked          customers hovering over them while they are working on your auto. While it’s appropriate to        explain the problem to your technician, it’s distracting to them and can be dangerous. If you          want to hang around for a diagnosis or that quick repair, a waiting room is provided, relax and      let the professional do their job.

ASE-Certified Technicians

ASE-Certified Technicians

It can be a daunting task, however a fleet managers job is to ensure all company vehicles are maintained and in the best working condition by ASE- Certified Technicians. Our Fleet Manager must rely on a regular schedule, this ensures routine maintenance checks are done on all vehicles, and prevents unforeseen problems which could hinder production.

M & J Truck & Auto Repair, Inc. are the experts to turn to for fleet repair and 24-hour roadside assistance. Ask our fleet manager about our work on heavy equipment,  semi-trucks and trailers.

If you have 3 or more trucks, we can offer you fleet service. If you have a family that has 3 or more vehicles, we can offer you discounts as well. Our prices are among the most competitive in the industry.  With our regular labor rate and discounts, you are sure to get the best price.

Fleet Repair

At M&J Truck & Auto Repair, our staff of ASE-Certified Technicians will maintain your fleet, including trailer repair, using only the highest quality parts to ensure a well-maintained fleet. Our technicians are familiar with your vehicles, and can take the hassle out of managing your fleet.

24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance

M&J Truck and Auto Repair is always available to provide 24-hour emergency roadside assistance for cars, heavy trucks, trailers, and RV’s.

Our technicians are the best in the business, they’re highly trained and qualified to maintain and repair all vehicles. With 12 working bays, M&J Truck is well equipped to handle any size job.

.   We service all makes & model

.    Free Estimates

.    24-hour emergency  roadside service

Servicing Madison, Fitchburg, and Verona WI, make M&J Truck and Auto Repair your choice for all of your fleet, truck and automobile repair and maintenance needs. Stop by and speak with one of our scheduling agents. We are just minutes from the Interstate or Beltline Highway or give us a call at (608) 221-0526.  We’re fast, reliable and dependable.

What is the Cooling Fan Motor?


What is the Cooling Fan Motor all about?

The engine in your vehicle is constantly burning fuel, while getting very hot. A car’s cooling system is responsible for transmission of heat away from the engine to the outside air. The cooling fan motor powers the cooling fan, in turn, keeping the engine from overheating. The cooling fan is located at the front or rear of the radiator. This fan is designed to cool the coolant as it circulates to the car’s engine from the radiator. Coolant flows through the entire engine and has the responsibility of absorbing extra engine heat, thus preventing the engine from overheating. When the fan blows the air from the outside and passes it through the radiator. When the cooling fan motor is defective and stops working, the fan will also stop working, causing the coolant to remain hot and cause the engine to overheat.

Keep in mind:

  • When you replace the cooling fan motor, you should inspect the cooling fan blade as well.
  • Whenever maintenance is conducted on the cooling system, the fan motor should also be inspected.

How it’s done:

  • The mechanic should scan the cooling system or perform a diagnostic to detect any trouble codes.
  • Test all fuses and relays.
  • Test the electrical system for power and ground going to the fan.
  • Remove or replace the radiator cooling fan motor.
  • Make sure the fan is operating properly.

Our recommendation:

  • The radiator cooling fan motor is electrical and it resides in a high temperature environment. At some point over time, it may fail. If you notice that your engine is overheating (check the temperature gauge on the dashboard), and you cannot hear the fan(s) working, get your cooling system inspected right away.
  • Typically, your mechanic will check the coolant and fill, if needed.
  • Follow your vehicle’s maintenance service manual for scheduled replacement of the coolant. Typically, it is recommended to change the coolant every 25,000 to 40,000 miles.

What common symptoms indicate you may need to replace the Cooling/Radiator Fan Motor?

  • Vehicle overheats.
  • The Check Engine light may come on.
  • The Cooling Fan fuse may need replacing.

How important is this service?

If the cooling/radiator fan motor is defective and not immediately replaced, it will lead to engine overheating and then you’ll be unable to drive the car.  In addition, overheating may result in permanent damage to your vehicle’s engine.


At M&J Truck and Auto Repair we treat our customers like family.  We know that your vehicle is one of the most important assets you will ever own.  That is why we service your vehicle using the latest in automotive technology and we stock only the top quality part. M&J specializes in:


  • Road Service Trucks and Heavy Equipment
  • Roadside Service Heavy Truck Repair
  • ASE Certified Technicians
  • Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Repair

Whether routine maintenance or emergency roadside service let our top professionals help solve your problem.

About ASE

What is ASE?
ASE is the acronym for the National Institute for “Automotive Service Excellence”. Since 1972 this independent non-profit organization has moved to improve the quality of automotive repair and service thru precise testing and certifying of automotive professionals.
What Does ASE Do?
ASE advocates excellence in automotive repair and service. There are over 300,000 Automotive Technician and Service Professionals who hold ASE Certification. ASE Certified Technicians work in every aspect of the automotive service industry. It certifies automotive technicians and vehicle service professionals. It does not certify the auto repair shop.
Why Does ASE Exist?
Specifically, ASE exists for the protection of the automotive service consumer, auto repair shop owner and the automotive technician. They test and certify automotive professionals in order for the shop owner and service customer can better gauge the technician’s level of understanding and expertise before contracting the technician’s services. They certify the automotive technician professional in order to demonstrate their technical knowledge. ASE Certification testing will result in peace of mind for service managers and customers.
How Does ASE Certification Work?
In conjunction with passing an ASE Certification test, technicians must have at least two years of “OJT” or on the job training or one year of OJT and a two-year degree in automotive repair in order to qualify for ASE Certification.
The exams are very difficult. On average, only two out of every three test-takers pass this certification exam on the first attempt. To remain an ASE certified professional service technician must be retest every five (5) years. The obvious reason for the retesting is to keep up with ever advancing automotive technology.
Who Writes The ASE Certification Tests?
ASE Certification tests are written by a national panel of veteran automotive industry professionals and executives, including technicians currently working in the automotive industry, auto manufacturers, aftermarket manufacturers, and educators.
Exams are categorized by sub-specialty such as automobile, medium and heavy truck, truck equipment, school bus, collision repair, and more. There are over 40 exams each designed to address the automotive service technician’s knowledge of job-related skills.

M & J Truck and Auto Repair take the lead in serving customers in the Madison, Wisconsin and the surrounding areas. Our automotive and truck repair services are performed by knowledgeable and highly skilled professional ASE Certified mechanics. Our mechanic shop uses superior quality truck and car repair equipment when working on each vehicle.
When you bring in your automobile, truck, mini-van or SUV, our expert mechanics will make every effort to ensure that your vehicle is running at peak performance before it leaves our service bay. Our shop has experience with servicing a wide variety of makes and models. Our exceptional standards show how our mechanics will make every effort to satisfy you the customers. If you need a one-stop repair shop, stop in and let us provide you with an accurate estimate for any repair issue you are experiencing.
Our most important goal is to achieve total satisfaction for our customers in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Our car repair shop has an established reputation for quality repair work. You can contact us for routine auto and truck maintenance services or any necessary repairs. We welcome your business and look forward to serving you.

Airbag Technology for saving lives

Airbag Technology for saving lives

Airbags are significantly contributing to the ongoing decrease in car crash fatality rates. Frontal airbags became required in 1999 and side bags are now standard in over 90% of vehicles. Side air bags were created to increase protection from side impact crashes. Most new cars are equipped with an abundance of airbags, such as frontal, side torso, side curtain, and even rear-passenger airbags.

Engineers are working on even newer types of airbags for added protection. These include:

  • Knee Airbags: Small knee airbags are fitted in the foot well, beneath the steering wheel and under the glove compartment to reduce damage to lower limbs.
  • Front Center Airbag:  This airbag inflates from the driver’s right side near the center of the seat. This new model was pioneered to offer adequate restraint during passenger side crashes when the driver is alone, and absorbs energy between the passenger and driver in in collisions on either side. The airbag was also created to decrease rollover injuries.
  • Inflatable Seatbelts: Ford developed inflatable rear seatbelts in 2011.  Ford contends that its inflatable seatbelts to aid in diminishing chest, neck and head injuries of rear passengers who are more vulnerable to these types of injuries.

If an airbag light goes on in your vehicle, be sure to get it checked out at M&J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison, WI. You want to be certain you airbags will work when you need them.

Improve Your Semi’s Efficiency

Improve Your Semi’s Efficiency

There is a lot more to consider with modern Semi truck than in the past. Many of these advancements can improve the overall efficiency and performance of your truck.  There are upgrades you can make regardless of whether you have been using your semi for some time or whether you are interested in elevating the feature of a new one.
A Radiator Upgrade
A radiator upgrade is useful for driver older trucks in warmer weather. Overheating can halt a load instantly and threaten your deadline goals. New radiators are created to achieve better airflow. Newer radiators are designed for increased airflow reliability and optimal cooling capacity. If there are seasonal heat, humidity or dust concerns, updating your radiator will safeguard your semi
Upgrading Steel Axles
To ensure your steering base is precise enough travel through any location update these axles. Modern services incorporate axle configuration. Axle upgrades include brake fitting so there are no service barriers in future. Like other components, high end axles decrease shaking and road clatter as a result of pioneering new resources and fitting adjustments.
Glider Kits
Glider kits enhance the performance image of all semi-trucks. If your frame is showing signs of wear from weather or minor dings, investing in a glider kit is a worthwhile way to boost your  truck’s  appearance.

Semi-truck upgrade features at M&J Truck and Auto Repair can make your semi-truck a genuine highway workhorse.

Common Diesel Clutch Problems and Repairs

Common Diesel Clutch Problems and Repairs

Modern diesel technology has advanced to the point that your clutch can operate at ideal performance for roughly 80,000 miles. While truck owners are thankful their clutch is good for such a long haul, also keep in mind that the lifespan of your clutch depends on your commitment to maintaining and caring for your vehicle.
A clutch exposed to the elements or driving a truck in rugged conditions can start displaying signs of wear and tear at as low as 35,000 miles. It’s a good idea to be familiar with and identify issues your clutch may be presenting and take it in to M&J Truck and Auto Repair Madison, Wisconsin for an accurate diagnosis.

Clutch Function and Problem Signs  

The clutch in your diesel truck transfers power from the engine power to the wheels. If you experience insufficient power while driving you should consider the following clutch issues.

Clutch cable stretched and worn down: A clutch cable requires the proper amount of tension to operate suitably. Its effectiveness will be reduced when it is worn out.

Hydraulic line leakage: A leak presents itself when clutch engagement is poor.

Stripped clutch material: If your clutch elements are completely stripped the clutch will not engage and gets this gets worse quickly.

Linkage incorrectly adjusted: If you depress the clutch pedal and an incorrect amount of power is transmitted to your clutch, you’ll notice insufficient force transferred to the wheels.

If your clutch ever experiences a slip get an immediate professional diagnosis at M&J Truck and Auto Repair because this problem, over time, will cause the mechanism to grind and completely break down.

Call M&J Truck and Auto Repair today at 608-221-0526 in Madison, WI to set up an appointment if you have questions about the way your clutch is operating. Taking early action will ensure that your diesel truck maintains its functionality. When it comes to the life of your vehicle, a professional inspection is a must.

Common Causes for Irregular Tire Wear on Trailers

Common Causes for Irregular Tire Wear on Trailers

Irregular tire wear can trigger other problems with your trailer. Uneven suspension knocks the alignment out of balance, which in turn puts extra stress on your trailer and its bearing. Undercarriage units, such as springs, bushing, load equalizers and bearings keep the tires properly in line. Putting extra strain on one area creates problems for other components. It is important to be aware of signs of unusual wear on your trailer.

Uneven tire wear negatively affects their performance. Overinflated or underinflated tires can bend the wheels, which upsets overall balance and may cause wobbling or vibration. Having your tires aligned at all times makes a big difference in the life of the tire. Common problem patterns are disproportionate shoulder wear, scalloped feathering when a single wear pattern creates raised edges of other sections. Strange tires noises are a good warning to indicate tire issues.

Tires that wear more in the center are usually overinflated, while some will wear more on the shoulder due to under-inflation. Bent wheels produce irregular spot wear. A wobbly wheel is usually an alignment problem and causes a tire to vibrate.

Give M&J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison WI at 608-221-0536 if you think your diesel is wearing unevenly.