Minimize Auto Repair Expense

How would you like to minimize auto repair expense? Everyone knows that auto repairs are inevitable. However, repairs don’t have to be so expensive. There are some simple tips you can follow to minimize auto repair expense and save you money.
It may seem that this advice is just common sense, but you would be amazed at how minimal maintenance each year can improve your budget. Yet, neglecting simple upkeep to your vehicle will get cause the problem to get worse over time and end up costing more in the long run. Also, we are likely to get so discouraged over the repairs that we do not properly explain problems to our mechanics, which ultimately leads to more problems. Here are some tips to minimize expensive auto repairs and also keep your auto repairs to a minimum.
1. Read your manual and follow the instructions before you rely on someone else’s advice.
2. Do not put off any type of repair work. 3. Do not make the assumption that your mechanic fully understands what you are explaining.
4. Listen to what sounds your car is making.
5. Maintain your vehicle from the bottom up. D

Driving costs money and every bit you save on auto repairs helps.  At M&J Truck and Auto Repair, Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin we can perform routine preventative inspections to keep your automobile running smoothly and help minimize expensive auto repairs in the future.

Car Noises

Keep Your Old Car Running

Aging people and old cars have one trait in common. They exhibit characteristics that are often associated with their age. When people age, they experience discomfort and pain. As vehicles get older, they tend to make strange noises. At M&J Truck and Auto Repair, we cannot comment much on aches and pains, however, we can declare without a doubt that odd sounds coming from your old care are not peculiarities you cannot change. Quite often, our auto technicians at M & J can determine the source of the abnormalities and fix them. Many times, a minor fix can make the way your vehicle sounds like it is new again.

Ignoring those car noises is not recommended, since it may be your car trying to let you know something is going wrong. As an example, a squeaking noise coming from under the hood may a loose belt that needs replacement before it breaks, leaving you stranded. There might even be added damage as a consequence. Hissing is also a noise that needs swift attention. As a rule, hissing indicates there is leaky line or one that is loose.

Grinding and thumping noises are also warnings that you should bring your car to M&J Truck and Auto Repair for vehicle repair, considering this could be anything from a suspension problem to worn brakes. Wheel issues can also sound rather loud. Some of these wheel conditions can make your vehicle a danger to drive or escalate into some serious complications if left overlooked. Does that sound like another medical prognosis?

If you don’t want your car undergoing a less than basic repair or end up in the junkyard, a retirement home for automobiles, do not disregard that screech, thud, hiss or knock. Let M & J take a gander and make those noises disappear.

Are You Having Serpentine Belt Issues?

Are You Having Serpentine Belt Issues?

Do you get annoyed when you hear a screech under your hood when you are zooming down the interstate? Typically, it is an indication of serpentine belt problem. The serpentine belt controls a significant portion of engine components. It powers the alternator, which in turn keeps the battery charged. The serpentine belt also takes charge of the air conditioning and power steering pump. These are all pretty valuable components. The serpentine belt gets its name because it snakes around the charges the battery; the water pump – which cools the engine; the air conditioning and the power steering pump. It is called a serpentine belt because it snakes around a fair amount of engine parts.

Serpentine belts are marvelously tough, and can survive for years last for tens of thousands of miles. pharmacies reviews, however, they ultimately wear down. If the belt stops working while you are driving around Madison, within minutes, everything will come to a standstill. If you’re have issues with your serpentine belt, you need to take your vehicle to M&J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison, Wisconsin. Driving your vehicle with a damaged Serpentine Belt may cause the vehicle to overheat and possibly cause costly engine damage. As you can imagine, problems with your serpentine belt can occur at any time or place. Auto makers recommend a routine belt replacement for a good reason. Ask yourself if there is a convenient time or place for your belt to break?
Madison car and truck owners who hear a screech when they accelerate or a slow, flapping noise at idle, should have their serpentine belt inspected. Your repair advisor at M&J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison will visually examine your belt to determine if there needs to be change before you have planned for it. If there are at least three cracks per inch on the belt, or deep ones, the belt is worn, is missing portions or has a glassy look, it needs to be changed no matter how old it is what the mileage is.

A serpentine belt replacement is an economical alternative to being stranded or having a broken vehicle towed back to us for a critical repair. Prevention is key to having a reliable running engine.

Why should I keep up maintenance?

Why should I keep up maintenance?
Simply said, it will save you money. Auto Repair expenses are still less costly than repairs and substantially less expensive than purchasing a new vehicle. Statistically, a car that is adequately maintained costs much less per overall mile. The investment of regular fluid and filter replacement and other recurrent upkeep ensures that you will have fewer breakdowns and definitely extends the longevity of your vehicle.
You want to avoid inconvenient repair emergencies. At M&J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison, WI, we perform a significant amount of repair services that could have been averted if proper maintenance was followed beforehand. It is very exasperating to haul your vehicle into our shop to diagnose a problem and later learn that the visit would have been unnecessary with satisfactory maintenance efforts.
How long will my vehicle keep running?
In the eighties, 100,000 was a major breakthrough that was often considered momentous. Now some manufacturers develop certain maintenance plans at intervals of this mileage! We frequently see 150,000-200,000 on vehicles with scheduled maintenance visits. Numerous customers boast of miles in excess of 250,000. Regardless of your vehicle type or model, you will undoubtedly be more satisfied with your vehicle when it reaches 150,000 if you have performed standard maintenance procedures throughout its lifetime.