Should You Buy a Diesel Pickup?

Should You Buy a Diesel Pickup?

There are numerous incentives for purchasing a diesel truck. The primary reason people invest in a diesel pickup truck is for the power a diesel engine provides. If you want a heavy duty truck for transporting loads or hauling a trailer, a diesel has obvious benefits over a gasoline engine. Another good reason for choosing a diesel engine is longevity. Typically, a gas engine lasts anywhere from 300,000 to 500,000 miles. However, a diesel usually has a much longer lifespan. Long life and more economical fuel consumption make the diesel engine more favorable.


Diesel pickups cost more than its equal gas engine pickup. Also, diesel costs more and uses more oil in its engine. Diesel pickups have a slower acceleration because they are built for extended hauls rather driving through town. A diesel pickup will usually cost you a little more than an equivalent with a gas engine. The price per gallon for diesel fuel is going to be more than gasoline, but your mileage per gallon should outweigh this negative. A diesel uses quite a bit more oil in the engine than a gasoline engine, too. An oil change will cost significantly more.

You’ll get a slower take off with your diesel than the pickup sitting in the lane next to you and diesels are meant for long hauls more than cruising around town. For a quick trip to the grocery store, stick with a gas pick up. Stop and go driving can, as a downfall, be harmful. If your truck is not in use at hard work, a gas engine may be preferable. Low temperatures can be a problem. At Block Diesel we can offer heaters and fuel conditioner for this.

Tough Trucks

If you want a heavy duty, durable truck, a diesel is far superior. For any questions, give M & J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison WI a call today at 608-221-0526 and we can offer some solid advice based on our experience servicing diesel engines.

Trust in Skilled Technicians

It is understandable to get somewhat nervous when your truck or car has a break down, or even with routine servicing. Your vehicle is such an essential part of your life in Madison, you need it back with the problem properly repaired the first time so you get it back on the road ASAP. Relax, trust in skilled technicians is one of the many ways M&J Truck and Auto Repair will put your mind at ease.

You would be surprised at the amount of skill and knowledge that diagnosing and servicing a modern truck or car takes. Today there are more four cylinder engines which a more reliable and powerful than V-8s from years ago. We credit better engineering, but with improvement comes more mechanical and electrical complexity.

Most vehicles have several interactive computers controlling most engine operation and other functional components. As motorists, we take these advancements for granted and do not realize the challenge technicians face to keep up with superior technology. At M&J Truck and Auto Repair we work diligently to remain at the forefront of new developments. We are also dedicated to using the most up-to-date repair and diagnostic tools. The proficiency to service your truck or car requires a solid combination of resources and training. We would like everything to be easy and straightforward, but at times that just is not the case.

The next time you leave your vehicle with us you can relax knowing you have made a good choice.

A Leveling Kit or a Suspension Lift Kit?

Most people find a universal sense of appreciation to ride higher than other motorists when driving their truck. If you want to elevate your gas, diesel, half-ton or heavy duty truck for improved performance or just for a more striking appearance, first consider the difference between a leveling kit or a suspension lift kit. Both selections will raise the height of your truck by lifting the body up and apart from the axles, allowing more space for bigger tires.

You’ll see a minor growth increase with a leveling kit. The front of the truck gets leveled to the back height and stops the bed from drooping under heavier loads. A leveling kit usually lifts the front of the truck approximately 2 inches and is a rather simple service. It will cost considerably less than paying for a suspension lift kit.

Lift kits are more costly because the actual suspension components are altered compared to merely installing torsion keys or spring spacers. Lift kits will usually raise the truck body up from 2-10 inches. However, if you want an even more towering effect, custom options are available.

Modifying suspension requires new shocks and springs, and most likely a new drive-shaft. It is imperative to ensure that your brake lines will still reach the brake system. Also, realize that your ride will be rougher than before.

If you have more questions about leveling kits or a suspension lift kits don’t hesitate to contact one of our knowledgeable technicians at M&J Truck and Auto Repair at 608-221-0526.

The Check Engine Light

The check engine light is your car’s warning sign.  Bring your car or truck to M&J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison, WI if the check engine light appears. There are a few common reasons.

Fuel system glitches are the most frequent triggers.


  • Faulty Gas cap. Is gas cap is more than important than we think. If it is not sufficiently tightened or cracked when fuel vapors escape, it can disrupt the fuel system. It will reduce your gas mileage and increase emission.


  • Mass airflow sensors are common components that get flawed. When the MAF sensor fails, the vehicle is unable to scan oxygen and gasoline levels that enter the engine. The fix is easy and only requires a replacement MAF sensor


  • The O2 sensor is responsible for managing oxygen quantity during combustion. An O2 sensor break down also causes a decrease in gas mileage.


Exhaust Troubles. A catalytic converter extracts hazardous gases from your vehicle and lessens their harm. If your catalytic converter is working, you are placing the environment and yourself at risk or yourself and the environment in danger excessive carbon monoxide exposure.

Damaged Ignition. Spark plugs and spark plug quite often cause sputtering and engine faltering. A spark plug acts as a seal to the combustion chamber and supplies a gap for the spark to activate the combustion     course in the engine. When plugs are damaged they misfire. Replacing them at M&J Truck and Auto Repair restores ignition performance for another 30,000 miles.

Call us today at 608-221-0526 if your check engine light is glowering at you.


Common Reasons for Breakdowns

Don’t Panic. There are quite common reasons for breakdowns. Fortunately, the breakdowns that occur most frequently are simple repairs. Follow this advice from M&J Truck and Auto Repair and let us get vehicle in operating condition as expediently as possible. Here are 3 common reasons our autos breakdown:

  1. A Dead Battery

Luckily, it is unlikely for a battery to die while the vehicle is running. Yet, it might prevent the auto from starting in an unfamiliar location. This breakdown is easily recognized because you will get a clicking noise when you turn the key. You will require a jumpstart to revive the battery.

Always store a spare set of jumper cables in the vehicle. To prevent the alarming inconvenience of a dead battery, schedule annual electrical system diagnostics and have the battery tested occasionally if it more than three years old.

  1. A Tire Blowout

The sound of a blowing tire while driving can be terrifying, but stay calm. Drive steadily and slow down to the roadside shoulder, and not the median. If the blowout happens in a heavily trafficked Madison street, or the vehicle is street-side, call M & J at 608-221-0536 for a tow. It is much safer than having an accident occur. If the area is safe and you have a jack and instruction book you can change the tire yourself.

As a preventative measure, regularly check the air pressure in all tires, including the spare. Keep a tire maintenance routine and have them rotated and examined routinely. Get wheel alignments when necessary.

  1. Your Engine Overheats.

Keep aware of the temperature gauge and you will stay informed of the cooling system’s status. If the vehicle overheats, pull over at once. Switch the air conditioning and crank up the heat. Your heater will extract hot air from the engine. If you observe emitting steam from the hood, lift it and wait for the engine to cool down.

Check the radiator coolant level or for other leaking fluids. Call us for a tow and get an accurate diagnosis if you witness fluid leakage. Adding more coolant mixed half with water to the full line could be a. Keep extra coolant on hand and a jug water in the trunk. Of course, check your coolant level regularly too.

Breakdowns are scary

Our best tip is to be prepared and drive safe!

3 Brake Types

There are three distinctive and complex brake types on semi-trucks: air or service brakes, spring or parking brakes and emergency brakes.

Air Brakes

Air brakes are most commonly used for everyday driving and use pressurized air to set your brakes in motion. Most semi-trucks now are outfitted with ABS to prevent the wheels from halting during a severe brake. Most commonly, S-cam brake mechanisms (S-shaped drums) are applied, but there are also wedge brakes and disc brakes.

Parking Brakes

Spring brakes are set off by air pressure loss, during an air leak for instance. Throughout standard driving, air pressure leaves these brakes open, but they are activated during times when pressure being applied from the springs exceeds the existing air pressure. They can also be operated manually from the cab and are principally utilized to keep the semi stationary when it is parked.

Emergency Brakes

The emergency braking system is applied when the truck drops air pressure below 20-45 psi in the storage tanks of the air brake system. At this time, the semi becomes immobile. Emergency brakes may be unlocked when air from an independent tank is engaged. They also may be manually utilized during an unexpected brake failure.

If you are facing any braking concerns with your semi-truck, M & J Truck and Auto Repair, Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin would be happy to diagnose the issues and perform the necessary maintenance in a suitable time frame. Give us a today at 608-221-0526.

Tires, Tune-ups and Hoses

As seasons change, semi-truck repair mechanics will frequently suggest checking tires, hoses and tune-ups. It’s very important to take care of your engine so it runs properly and that you replace tires after they have withstood a rough winter.

Truckers should never undervalue the importance of a properly tuned engine and new tires. If you regularly maintain your tires and engine you will notice that you’ve saved more money in the long run.
In colder weather, hoses are likely to contract and expand more quickly due to the temperature difference between the exterior and interior of the engine. The rapid rate of expansion and contraction can often damage hoses or call for immediate replacement. It’s a good idea to have a mechanic examine your truck’s hoses to make sure that there are no leaks, cracks or other damage that could cause very expensive problems if left unchecked.

7 More Ways to Winterize Your Vehicle
  1. Check your battery. …
  2. Change your wiper blades and refill your wiper fluid. …
  3. Consider getting snow tires. …
  4. Check your tire pressure. …
  5. Check your four-wheel drive. …
  6. Check your anti-freeze mixture. …
  7. Change the oil and adjust the viscosity.

Tires, Tune-ups and Hoses may be the most fundamental maintenance items on a trucker’s checklist, but they are definitely not the only parts worth checking. Call M & J Truck & Auto Repair today at 608-221-0526 to schedule a preventative maintenance inspection on your truck or trailer.

Minimize Auto Repair Expense

How would you like to minimize auto repair expense? Everyone knows that auto repairs are inevitable. However, repairs don’t have to be so expensive. There are some simple tips you can follow to minimize auto repair expense and save you money.
It may seem that this advice is just common sense, but you would be amazed at how minimal maintenance each year can improve your budget. Yet, neglecting simple upkeep to your vehicle will get cause the problem to get worse over time and end up costing more in the long run. Also, we are likely to get so discouraged over the repairs that we do not properly explain problems to our mechanics, which ultimately leads to more problems. Here are some tips to minimize expensive auto repairs and also keep your auto repairs to a minimum.
1. Read your manual and follow the instructions before you rely on someone else’s advice.
2. Do not put off any type of repair work. 3. Do not make the assumption that your mechanic fully understands what you are explaining.
4. Listen to what sounds your car is making.
5. Maintain your vehicle from the bottom up. D

Driving costs money and every bit you save on auto repairs helps.  At M&J Truck and Auto Repair, Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin we can perform routine preventative inspections to keep your automobile running smoothly and help minimize expensive auto repairs in the future.

Car Noises

Keep Your Old Car Running

Aging people and old cars have one trait in common. They exhibit characteristics that are often associated with their age. When people age, they experience discomfort and pain. As vehicles get older, they tend to make strange noises. At M&J Truck and Auto Repair, we cannot comment much on aches and pains, however, we can declare without a doubt that odd sounds coming from your old care are not peculiarities you cannot change. Quite often, our auto technicians at M & J can determine the source of the abnormalities and fix them. Many times, a minor fix can make the way your vehicle sounds like it is new again.

Ignoring those car noises is not recommended, since it may be your car trying to let you know something is going wrong. As an example, a squeaking noise coming from under the hood may a loose belt that needs replacement before it breaks, leaving you stranded. There might even be added damage as a consequence. Hissing is also a noise that needs swift attention. As a rule, hissing indicates there is leaky line or one that is loose.

Grinding and thumping noises are also warnings that you should bring your car to M&J Truck and Auto Repair for vehicle repair, considering this could be anything from a suspension problem to worn brakes. Wheel issues can also sound rather loud. Some of these wheel conditions can make your vehicle a danger to drive or escalate into some serious complications if left overlooked. Does that sound like another medical prognosis?

If you don’t want your car undergoing a less than basic repair or end up in the junkyard, a retirement home for automobiles, do not disregard that screech, thud, hiss or knock. Let M & J take a gander and make those noises disappear.

Are You Having Serpentine Belt Issues?

Are You Having Serpentine Belt Issues?

Do you get annoyed when you hear a screech under your hood when you are zooming down the interstate? Typically, it is an indication of serpentine belt problem. The serpentine belt controls a significant portion of engine components. It powers the alternator, which in turn keeps the battery charged. The serpentine belt also takes charge of the air conditioning and power steering pump. These are all pretty valuable components. The serpentine belt gets its name because it snakes around the charges the battery; the water pump – which cools the engine; the air conditioning and the power steering pump. It is called a serpentine belt because it snakes around a fair amount of engine parts.

Serpentine belts are marvelously tough, and can survive for years last for tens of thousands of miles. pharmacies reviews, however, they ultimately wear down. If the belt stops working while you are driving around Madison, within minutes, everything will come to a standstill. If you’re have issues with your serpentine belt, you need to take your vehicle to M&J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison, Wisconsin. Driving your vehicle with a damaged Serpentine Belt may cause the vehicle to overheat and possibly cause costly engine damage. As you can imagine, problems with your serpentine belt can occur at any time or place. Auto makers recommend a routine belt replacement for a good reason. Ask yourself if there is a convenient time or place for your belt to break?
Madison car and truck owners who hear a screech when they accelerate or a slow, flapping noise at idle, should have their serpentine belt inspected. Your repair advisor at M&J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison will visually examine your belt to determine if there needs to be change before you have planned for it. If there are at least three cracks per inch on the belt, or deep ones, the belt is worn, is missing portions or has a glassy look, it needs to be changed no matter how old it is what the mileage is.

A serpentine belt replacement is an economical alternative to being stranded or having a broken vehicle towed back to us for a critical repair. Prevention is key to having a reliable running engine.