Common Causes for Irregular Tire Wear on Trailers

Common Causes for Irregular Tire Wear on Trailers

Irregular tire wear can trigger other problems with your trailer. Uneven suspension knocks the alignment out of balance, which in turn puts extra stress on your trailer and its bearing. Undercarriage units, such as springs, bushing, load equalizers and bearings keep the tires properly in line. Putting extra strain on one area creates problems for other components. It is important to be aware of signs of unusual wear on your trailer.

Uneven tire wear negatively affects their performance. Overinflated or underinflated tires can bend the wheels, which upsets overall balance and may cause wobbling or vibration. Having your tires aligned at all times makes a big difference in the life of the tire. Common problem patterns are disproportionate shoulder wear, scalloped feathering when a single wear pattern creates raised edges of other sections. Strange tires noises are a good warning to indicate tire issues.

Tires that wear more in the center are usually overinflated, while some will wear more on the shoulder due to under-inflation. Bent wheels produce irregular spot wear. A wobbly wheel is usually an alignment problem and causes a tire to vibrate.

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