Common Diesel Clutch Problems and Repairs

Common Diesel Clutch Problems and Repairs

Modern diesel technology has advanced to the point that your clutch can operate at ideal performance for roughly 80,000 miles. While truck owners are thankful their clutch is good for such a long haul, also keep in mind that the lifespan of your clutch depends on your commitment to maintaining and caring for your vehicle.
A clutch exposed to the elements or driving a truck in rugged conditions can start displaying signs of wear and tear at as low as 35,000 miles. It’s a good idea to be familiar with and identify issues your clutch may be presenting and take it in to M&J Truck and Auto Repair Madison, Wisconsin for an accurate diagnosis.

Clutch Function and Problem Signs  

The clutch in your diesel truck transfers power from the engine power to the wheels. If you experience insufficient power while driving you should consider the following clutch issues.

Clutch cable stretched and worn down: A clutch cable requires the proper amount of tension to operate suitably. Its effectiveness will be reduced when it is worn out.

Hydraulic line leakage: A leak presents itself when clutch engagement is poor.

Stripped clutch material: If your clutch elements are completely stripped the clutch will not engage and gets this gets worse quickly.

Linkage incorrectly adjusted: If you depress the clutch pedal and an incorrect amount of power is transmitted to your clutch, you’ll notice insufficient force transferred to the wheels.

If your clutch ever experiences a slip get an immediate professional diagnosis at M&J Truck and Auto Repair because this problem, over time, will cause the mechanism to grind and completely break down.

Call M&J Truck and Auto Repair today at 608-221-0526 in Madison, WI to set up an appointment if you have questions about the way your clutch is operating. Taking early action will ensure that your diesel truck maintains its functionality. When it comes to the life of your vehicle, a professional inspection is a must.

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