Don’t Neglect Tire Pressure Maintenance on Your Commercial Truck

Don’t Neglect Tire Pressure Maintenance on Your Commercial Truck

Measuring tire pressure routinely is imperative because air pressure in tires fluctuates. Air molecules escaping directly through the sidewalls cause diffusion, or a loss of tire pressure. Tires will still leak air even when right after they are purchased. Microscopically, tires are comprised of a mass of long and stringy molecules similar to a net. Air molecules are smaller than tire particles. Semi-truck tires may deflate by as much as 2psi each month, and pressure can easily decrease by 10 psi if you don’t check it every 4 months.

Diffusion from a Dirty Bead

If bead surfaces or the wheel itself are corroded or grimy, you will probably lose more air pressure. If your mounting lubricant doesn’t adequately cover the bead or wheel the loss intensifies. You want to make sure to have Block Diesel replace your tires – we always take always take appropriate precautions to safeguard against unnecessary diffusion.

Tires that aren’t inflated enough cause irregular wear, which shortens their lifespan. When your tires wear out unevenly, they have a much shorter lifespan. When this happens, retreading is often impossible. Rolling resistance will be greater, increasing the possibility for other damage. Exposing more surface area of your tires also makes your problems worse because they are picking more road debris when they make additional contact with the road. In addition, your truck will consume more fuel because of the extra resistance. We all know extra expenses lead to fewer profits.

It’s important to pay close attention to the condition of your semi tires. Don’t let a tire blowout cause unwanted downtime for your semi. Call M & J Truck and Auto Repair in Madison WI at 608-221-0526 to schedule an inspection and avoid an inconvenient and expensive roadside service call.

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