Know 5 Car Care Tips you need to Do Daily


Know 5 Car Care Tips you need to Do Daily

Have you heard of preventive maintenance? Many people think car care begins when there are problems, but actually, prevention is better than a cure. Do not believe that this type of maintenance should be done only in the machine shop. To keep your vehicle brand new, you can start caring for it in the garage at home. Preventive maintenance involves many things that you can and should adopt on a day to day basis, even before you start. Today, let’s show you what the top daily care you need to do for your car. Ready?

1. Calibrate the tires

Using the correct tire calibration of your car is very important for some factors. One of them is your pocketbook. Too empty or too full tires wear out irregularly, shortening the life of the tire and, if not enough air, pushing the suspension and the shock absorbers.  Take note of the manufacturer’s recommendation for your car. This information can be found in the owner’s manual or stickers affixed to the door stops and the opening of the gas tank.  It is not necessary to calibrate every day (usually once a week is a good time), but it is advisable to check all four wheels before leaving so that you see if there is any hole or other sign of trouble, such as blisters or if the tires are too low.

2.Check the water level and lubricants 

In general, the oil and cooling systems should maintain the liquid level until the time of the change. However, periodic checking is necessary as there may be leaks. In the case of lubrication, high fuel consumption may indicate more severe problems in the engine, which can become even worse if you are slow to start the engine.  As for the cooling system, if it is necessary to fill it, use the same type of fluid that is already in the reservoir.

3) Watch out for noises

Listening to music in the car is a delight, but when you go out for the first time in the day, try to drive a few miles with the sound off. This is the time to look for signs that something may not be in order. Grinding on the brake, knocking on the suspension, or noises in the engine is a good indication that the mechanic needs to be contacted. If the situation continues, the defect can become even more severe, and the repair will be more expensive.

4) Keep the car clean

Apart from the aesthetic issue, car cleaning is essential to keep it always maintained. Each day the paint can receive debris capable of irreversibly staining it, which will make you need to invest good money in the future. It is also essential to pay attention to the cleaning of the air conditioning, which must be done by professionals at least once a year.

5) Observe the consumption

If the fuel consumption is too high, it is a sign that something is not going well in the engine. The car may be making more effort than usual to gain speed, and as a result, wear of necessary components can cause severe problems in the future. Make a chart and monitor daily the amount of fuel spent.
So, how about starting car care today?

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