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Truck Repair in Madison, Wisconsin

Truck Repair Madison, WI

M & J Truck & Auto Repair, Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin, are the experts to turn to for fleet repair and roadside service.
ASE-certified technicians perform our auto and truck repair services. Ask us about doing work on semitrucks and heavy equipment.

Fleet Repair

If you have 3 or more vehicles, we offer you fleet service. If you have a family that has 3 or more cars, we offer you fleet discounts. Our regular labor rate is $104.00 per hour and, with the fleet costs, it drops to $93.00 an hour. If you have
semitrucks, we also work on the trailer along with the semitruck. Include all of your semitruck and trailers in with your
fleet repair services.

ASE-Certified Technicians

Have one of our 6 ASE-certified technicians on staff work on your vehicle. The benefit to you is that they are the best-trained
and qualified mechanics to repair your vehicle. Have your car or truck worked on within any of our 12 bays by these experts.

Roadside Service for Heavy Truck Repair in Madison, Wisconsin

Truck Repair Madison, WI

Take advantage of our free vehicle loaners for those who can provide a driver’s license and proof of insurance while we repair
your vehicle. We can work on cars, motor homes, and tractor-trailer rig—both foreign
and domestic.

Road Service for Trucks & Heavy Equipment

We offer road service for trucks and heavy equipment—no matter where the service call is—for only $80.00, as long as it’s within
20 miles of Madison. If your service call is outside the 20-mile distance, it is only $4.00 per mile, one way, to get to your location. Have us come to you for repair of your truck or heavy equipment.

Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck Service

Our medium-duty truck service includes trucks from 1 ton to under semitruck size, while a semitruck and larger is what we
consider heavy-duty truck service. We perform many repairs with our roadside service, but some may have to come back to the
shop for more intricate jobs.

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Car Repair

We take care for your vehicle

Complete Auto Repair in Madison, Wisconsin

Truck Repair Madison, WI

For your auto repair services come to M & J Truck & Auto Repair, Inc. of Madison, Wisconsin. Our technicians provide
the quality you are looking for.

We also do roadside service for all models of cars. Stop in to see why customers love doing business with us.

Auto Repair

With our extended hours of auto repair service, you can drop you vehicle off any time between 7 a.m. and midnight. The top
certified technicians that we employ treat your vehicle the way you want it treated. Your positive experience is what our team
strives for.

M & J Truck & Auto Repair, Inc.

We at M & J Truck and Auto Repair, Inc. believe that our customers are our most important assets. We have been in business
for more than 30 years serving your auto and truck repair needs. Come and have our ASE-certified technicians repair your car or

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General Repair

We can fine-tune your car


Truck Repair Madison, WI
We specialize in medium and heavy truck service and repair including all mechanical repairs other than body work.We provide road service for heavy trucks, trailers, and RV’s

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Serving Madison & Surrounding areas

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General Automotive & Light Truck Repair also available

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